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Signature Care for Adults and Children

We embrace that every individual can be as different in choices as they seem similar in experiences and these differences are the reason, we need to express ourselves, and to create a harmony to co-exist. The centre aims at providing unique services for personal growth and emotional, behavioral and relationship problems. We help to resolve psychological problems and improve the quality of life. Our clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat individuals experiencing psychological distress and mental illness. We are committed in providing quality and affordable health care to all with a vision to continuing quality improvement and to provide evidence-based therapeutic strategies.

Adult Psychiatry

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Adult Psychology

Our adult psychology services range from supportive psychotherapy for disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD and phobias and also marital therapy. We make use of a comprehensive biopsychosocial model which targets wholesome development of the individual.

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Child and Adolescent Psychology

An individual’s brain is in the developmental stage from conception to adolescence, which is influenced by several factors. The adolescent phase brings forth many types of stress in the lives of students, We provide various services in the form of psychotherapies and group sessions to help address the different psychological problems being faced by our children and adolescents.

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Geriatric Psychology

We aim to ease the psychological pains of aging and soothe the transition of an individual to a restful period of life. Important areas addressed are dementia, elderly depression, anxiety etc. We want the second innings of our life to be peaceful and relaxing, however, certain issues specific to the geriatric population often disrupt this peaceful bubble.

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Dr. T C Vishnu

Over the last 4 decades, we have accomplished many milestones and continue to pledge our support in the ever-changing field of health and hospitality. Our team continues to derive inspiration from our patients and it’s our constant endeavour to provide a delightful healing experience to all irrespective of their differences. As an institute recognised for its innovativeness, we continuously challenge ourselves to bring greater accessibility, affordability and reliability in delivering healthcare with an unrelenting focus on quality